Personal Care and Beauty
Recycling Program

Make the world greener and fight cancer at the same time!

Recycle hair care, skincare and cosmetic containers. Collect your empty containers to recycle and put them #InTheBin.

Hair Care Packaging
Such as shampoo bottles and caps, conditioner bottles and caps, hair gel tubes and caps, hair spray bottles and triggers, and hair paste plastic jars and caps.

Skin Care Packaging
Such as lip balm tubes, face soap dispensers and tubes, face lotion bottles, tubes and plastic jars, body wash containers, soap tubes and dispensers, body lotion dispensers and bottles, shaving foam tubes (no cans), and hand lotion bottles and tubes.

Cosmetic Packaging
Such as lipstick cases, lip gloss tubes, mascara tubes, eye shadow cases, bronzer cases, foundation packaging and bottles, powder cases, eyeliner cases, eyeliner pencils, eye shadow tubes, concealer tubes, concealer sticks, and lip liner pencils.

No metal, glass, or aerosol containers, please. Metal hair color tubes (the kind that are similar to toothpaste tubes) are permitted.

  • To earn points with our partner company, you’ll need to send in 10 lbs or more at a time (not including the weight of the box).
  • Once you’ve collected the 10 lbs of empty beauty packaging contact us, using the form below to request a free shipping label.
  • Be sure to place all your empty containers in one box.
  • Containers should be empty (all excess product removed) and dry. No need to clean the containers but if you do rinse them out be sure they are dry before you drop them in your box for shipment.
  • Any box will do, but remember the box weight does not count toward the recyclable weight.
  • We’ll email you the UPS shipping label and you can can drop your box off at any UPS location.

Can anyone participate in the program?
Just about, at this time the program is available to anyone in the 48 contiguous United States. (It’s a shipping issue, we still love all our ‘overseas’ supporters 😉

Do I need to clean the waste before I send it in?
No, you do not need to clean the waste before sending it in. However, please remove as much of the remaining product as possible before shipping. And please remember, UPS will not accept dripping packages, so make sure your waste is dry prior to shipping.

Do I have to ship in a certain type of box?
Any box will do, but the box weight does not count toward the recyclable weight. There must be a minimum of 10 lbs. of recycling for us to get credit for the shipment. We recommend adding about 2 lbs for most of the boxes big enough for shipping. You can mail more than 10 lbs - just not less. Check out our resources tab for a quick way to make a collection box. (This minimum applies to Personal Care and Beauty Items only, if you’re participating in one of our other recycling lines check that page for more information.)

Can I recycle other types of plastic?
Unfortunately, no. It seems like you could recycle water bottles since they have the same recycling number as a lot of the skin and hair products, but they can not be recycled as part of this program. An easy way to explain this is that it is sponsored by a beauty company, and they only pay for the types of packaging that they create.

Do they have to be a certain brand of product?
Nope, for our Personal Care and Beauty Items program you can collect any brand of waste (please click here for information on other types of products we recycle.)

Can I mix (and mail in) products from another recycling line?
Unfortunately, no. If you’re collecting for another line, like our Performance Nutrition or Colgate® Oral Care, you’ll need to send those in separately and meet each categories minimum.

We want to make your recycling efforts as easy and succesful as possible so here are a few items you may find helpful.

DIY COLLECTION BIN - Instructions and Printables
Setting up a recycling box at your school or your local hair dressers? This DIY has some great printables you can put on or around the box to garner recycling donations.

Perhaps you’re trying to get more people involved in your collection efforts. This flyer is great to pass around, printed or digitally, to invite people to help you get to that 10lb mark even quicker!

Additional Programs

Performance Nutrition

ANY brand of performance nutrition packaging like energy chews or gel packets, drink mix stick packs + any GU packaging.

Tom’s of Maine Natural Care

ANY brand deodorant, mouthwash and toothpaste containers.

Colgate® Oral Care

ANY brand toothpaste tubes, caps, cartons and toothbrushes & containers.

Arm & Hammer™ and Oxiclean™ Pouch

ARM & HAMMER™ and OXICLEAN™ pouches

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